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We love to meet you in amazing places

Rhodes Island - Greek Polynesia

Rhodes Island - Greek Polynesia

Carribean Sea - Dominican Republic

Carribean Sea - Dominican Republic

Miami - USA

Miami - USA

Adriatic - Albania Coast

Adriatic - Albania Coast

Sardinia & Amalfi Coast - Italy

Sardinia & Amalfi Coast - Italy

Croatia - Dalmatian Coast

Croatia - Dalmatian Coast

South Spain

South Spain

Mykonos Island - Greek Polynesia

Mykonos Island - Greek Polynesia


“Our main interest

is your total satisfaction!

This is our ambition” 

—  George Korfias




AQUA Yacht Club is a Yachting Management & Support company based in the USA and that carries out its activity in Greece and many countries worldwide with a strong network of partners and a large portfolio of luxury yachts.

George Korfias is the Co-founder & CEO of AQUA and holder of a yacht agent license.

Skilled in all types of yachting management and yacht services, he started this Yachting adventure at the end of 2013, in Greece and the USA simultaneously.​

With experience in many sectors such as telecommunication, tourism, oil & gas industry, advertisement, retail & direct sales, he got the opportunity to transfer a new point of view in his  Yachting company, without the weight of previous staff, designing an innovative strategy and company organization with modern and effective  methods.

In his mind, it was clear that this company needed to create the road between the correct stiff service and the modern pleasant customer experience.


From the very beginning, he started to collect the best partners for the experience of his clients. In this direction, he has published the LerosBest MAG since 2014 which was and is the first and only yachting magazine on the Greek island of Leros.

The magazine has been successful published for 6 years. In 2019, it was renamed SUMMER by Leros.


In 2019, there was a serious change in the business frame of his activity, with the  rebranding of his actions and the start of AQUA Yacht Club Greece.

AQUA became stronger, more effective  and modern with more local actions in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas and in the Middle East, as well as partnerships with impressive Customer Support Teams focused on the Turkish, Arabic & USA markets.

Since 2019, George Korfias has also been managing the first multilingual and multinational info project about Mykonos, The MykonosEye, with the main direction of taking the  yachting and luxury sector in the Arabic countries (Qatar, Dubai, UAE in Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Kuwait), the Adriatic Sea (Montenegro, Croatia), USA (Los Angeles, Miami), Turkey, France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Malta.

Although the project was paused because of the pandemic, it is was planed to  launch in the Summer of 2022.

Since 2020, management has expanded the activities of the AQUA Yacht Club with the handling of Radio AQUA and AQUA Magazine.

In 2020, AQUA decided and planned a 3 years expanding project with  the creation of a network of 30  modern  AQUA Yacht Club Agencies in all over the world. The network will be covered by point in mainland & by island, with current partners having priority  and new partners entering in the areas that we need to update the prospective level.

In April 2021, we celebrate the creation and launch of the second exclusive AQUA Yacht Club Agency-Franchise in the wonderful Greek island of Kos.

In 2025, the plans of AQUA include the creation of the first exclusive management & support agency AQUA Yacht Club in the Middle East. 

We increase our power from your love and

we are growing to be stronger to serve you better!

 The crew at AQUA are waiting to smile you onboard!


George Korfias



  • Deep knowledge

  •  Big variety of  VIP  services

  •  Easy Procedures


  • E-Entry

  • Digital process


  • Sense of Confidentiality   & Privacy


  • Professionalism 

  • Expertise 

  • Personalized 

  • On Time


Offers 2024

If you are a charter company,

yacht agent with

a central management portfolio

or a yacht owner with often arrivals

in Greece, check below.

We are giving you new solutions,

flexible and modern.

We can customize our services to meet

your needs and exceed your expectations.

Save from 10% to 30% of your Agency fees &

other costs 

Send us your Request and we will be

happy to manage your inquiry together!

AQUA in the World

We are happy to travel and breath the sea together with precious partners

and clients from all over the world.

We built this yachting power with the hope

that we will merge most of the healthy parts of yachting from all over the world.

And the process continues...

Thank you sailing with us
  • AQUA Yacht Club (GREECE)  




        Agia Marina 

        P.C 85400 

        +41 7646 500 96



        P.C 84600 

        +41 7646 500 96


        KOS ISLAND

         Mpoumpoulinas 3

         P.C 84300

        +41 7646 500 96

  • AQUA Yacht Club (USA)                        EIN:611980536


      MIAMI BEACH           

       Momentum Business Center                     1680 Michigan Ave ,Suite 700 #313
       Miami Beach, Florida 33139​​

       +1 786 746 7272


Thanks for submitting!

Greece-Europe-Middle East 

     +41 76 46 500 96

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